Dispatching Overview

Dispatching jobs performs an important role within a management system - it triggers invoicing, removes jobs from work in progress and provides documentation for your clients.

The fully featured way of dispatching is to use the M-Power Factory system – off M-Power software in the windows programs menu.

To Remove Jobs From WIP That Have Not Been Dispatched

Sometimes jobs are cancelled or are for internal use only.

In these cases we need a way of removing the job from Work-in-Progress to signify that the jobs is complete.

Using the event 'close job' in WIP or entering a dispatch date removes a job from work in progress – but won’t create the docket.  The compulsory items are highlighted in the image below.

Typically jobs are dispatched using the M-Power Factory System however the facility is also available in the main M-Power System also.

M-Power Factory provides a simplified interface to allow quick and easy data entry and delivery docket printing.

See the following articles for more information:

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Dispatching from M-Power Main Interface

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