Creating Jobs Automatically on a Schedule

M-Power has the ability to run jobs on a schedule* which is ideal for activities such as maintenance etc. It is expected that this functionality will be extended to other areas of the M-Power system as it evolves such as Tasks and Invoices.

How it Works

When the start button is pressed when you enter the program, the system check to see if there are any listings on the scheduled events table. If it find some, it will run those where the [last run data] + [schedule days] is less than the current date

ie > if the last run date was 1 Jan 13, and the schedule days is 31, and today's
date is 2 Feb 13 then the system will duplicate the job you nominate. It will
then update the last run date.

Setting up the schedule

Select Settings from the Main Customer Form then click the Commercial button

When the form opens select the Scheduled Events option and enter the details as required

* Note that at least one user must log in using the start button on the login screen to trigger the schedule. As users typically log in each day this would normally not be an issue.

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