Scheduling using the WIP screen


The Work-in-Progress screen (WIP) provides an overview of all jobs that are currently in process. A number of different filters and reports allow you to organize and drill into jobs that may be of interest.

Note that due to the extensive level of customisation available in the M-Power system your WIP screen may differ from those shown below however the general concepts are the same.

For a job to be scheduled it must meet the following requirements:

  • It must have a Due Date
  • It must have a BOM
  • The BOM must contain Operations that are Scheduled
  • The Job must be Released

You can then Assign processes to Machines/People and set the Priority.

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Firstly, from the 'Job View' review the select the Job you wish to schedule [1], you can then review its properties in the bottom pane [2].


Checking for a BOM:

The easiest way to check for a bom is to use the Schedule Tools tab [1] and View Operations [2].


Checking for a Due Date:

In the Status Tab [1] check the Due Date field [2]. If there is no Due Date you can add/edit it here.


Releasing the Job to the Queue:

From the Schedule Tools Tab [1], Click the Release job button [2].


Assigning Processes to Machines/People and Setting the Order:

If the Job contains a BOM with processes that are flagged as Scheduled then it will now appear in the 'Schedule View' tab.

You can now assign the scheduled processes to Machines/People [1] and set the order for which items should be processed [2]. 

At this point you have a list of processes that are able to be performed and you have then in the order which you would like them processed. These jobs are not yet published to the schedule. Until you publish a process to the schedule it will not be visible in the Factory System or any of the Schedule Reports.


Publishing Processes to the Schedule:

To publish a process to the schedule click the [+] button [1], you will then see that this Process shows a green flag and Customer Name to signify that it is now on the published schedule. You would repeat for any other processes that you would like to schedule.


Viewing Published Schedule Reports:

Using the 'Schedule Menu' [1] button you can select various Schedule Reports [2]



On the report each Machine/Person is shown with their list of Scheduled and Un-Schedule but allotted processes. Any process that can be scheduled processes but are not allotted are shown at the end of this report.

Processes will automatically be removed from the schedule once complete (normally using scanning).

If you have accidentally closed a process and need to re-instate it in the schedule see this article.



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