Merging Duplicate Company Names



Duplicate company names can happen for a number of reasons - the method to remove them depends on whether there are already transactions under both companies in M-Power
When There Are Transactions Under One Company
In this case navigate to the client you wish to remove, and open the client info button (1) below
Make the client inactions by unticking the 'active' check box
When There Are Transactions Under BOTH Companies
In this case we have merge the transactions from both companies into 1 company and make the other inactive
M-Power allows you to merge all items under one customer to another customer. This can be useful when you have duplicate customers. Keep in mind that this process moves all quotes/jobs etc. to the new customer.

To merge customers first find the customer that you want to merge FROM. Open the client details by clicking the 'Details' button [1] from the customer form. Then note down the 'Customer ID' in the bottom right corner of the form [2]. Then close this form and find the customer you would like to merge TO and repeat the process.




Once you have noted down the two customer id's, click the 'Settings' button and then search for merge [1] and click 'Merge Companies' [2].


Now enter the 'FROM' customer id in the 'Old Code' box [1] and the 'TO' customer id in the 'New Code' box [2] and click Merge [3].


Finally if you would like to hide the FROM customer so that it can no longer be used by mistake, go back to the customers screen and search for it. Click on the Details button and then UN-CHECK the Active Record tick box.





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